Why Specify EnviroLeather™?

EnviroLeather™ has been specified for high profile clients around the world. 

Our Technology

Started by plastics & textile engineers, we have a deep understanding of material chemistry and performance characteristics. 

By specifying EnviroLeather™, you can feel good that you are doing something to help protect the environment and minimize people’s exposure to harmful toxins. You can also feel confident that our PVC-Free EnviroLeather™ will hold up to rigorous use and last a long time. Everything is backed by a three year warranty.

Vinyl (PVC)

Vinyls are made with PVC, plasticizers and toxic additives that have been linked to serious environmental and health hazards.



EnviroLeather™ is a PVC-Free and Plasticizer-Free. It also contains no halogens, no flame retardants, and no heavy metals.

Traditional Polyurethanes (PU)

Polyurethanes are PVC-Free, but many of them still have toxic additives and residual solvents that contribute to poor indoor air quality. Also, some PU's have performance issues such as wrinkling on furniture after extended use, poor scratch / abrasion resistance on edges, and problems with alcohol resistance.



EnviroLeather™ has very low VOCs and passes the stringent CAL 01350 air quality emission test. It is made with a hybrid TPE formulation that has more elasticity for wrinkle recovery. This unique formula gives a soft feel, yet has superior scratch and chemical resistance.

Printed Vinyls & PU's

In addition to the issues highlighted above, printed vinyls and polyurethanes utilize old print technology that is energy intensive and results in a lot of waste. Also, it is not uncommon for prints to wear away prematurely.



Using an industry first, hybrid digital technology, EnviroLeather™ prints use more eco-friendly materials by replacing harmful solvents with water based systems. In addition, the process is more sustainable, with much lower energy consumption and waste. EnviroLeather™ prints possess the same high performance qualities the brand has come to represent.


The process of making leather out of animal hides uses very toxic chemicals. There are several studies linking increased occurrences of lung, pancreatic, kidney, skin, nasal and other cancers to people who work in, or live near, leather tanneries.



EnviroLeather™ is animal-friendly and designed to have minimal impact on the environment and to limit people's exposure to toxins.

Woven Fabric

Woven fabrics have irregular surfaces that can trap dirt and microbes and are more difficult to keep clean. They are also not impervious to fluids and have durability issues. In order to solve these problems, many upholstery fabrics and finished with a perfluorochemical (PFC) treatment. The problem is that PFC's are toxic. Studies show they impair child development and are suspected carcinogens. They also bio-accumulae and have been found in polar bear, dolphin and human blood.



EnviroLeather™ is very durable and impervious to fluids. It is designed to resist staining and to hold up to repeated cleaning with harsh chemicals. Now, with our new eco-friendly print process, you can have the look of a woven textile without using PFC's.