Fabric Program Partners

When an Interior Designer, Furniture Dealer or End User decides to use a specific fabric there are a number of steps that have to occur. We have simplified the process by forming partnerships and/or working histories with most of the major furniture manufacturers that has resulted in seamless specification and application of EnviroLeather™ to your furniture.

  1. Application approval. You will find that this has largely been done. If you happen to use a chair where it hasn’t and you don’t have the time to make the request to the manufacturer, please contact us and we can help initiate the process on your behalf.
  2. Purchasing the fabric. Interior Designers and Furniture Dealers are welcome to purchase from us as COM. At the same time, many manufacturers will purchase the fabric from us on your behalf, saving you the extra step of issuing a second purchase order and coordinating the COM.
  3. Post order, follow up. If you are not happy or there is a problem related to the fabric after installation we will work with the Furniture Manufacturer and Dealer to resolve it for you quickly. We want to know and be involved so we can understand what went wrong.

There are two levels of furniture partners; OEM Fabric Adoption Programs and Graded in Partners.

OEM Fabric Adoption Partners carry EnviroLeather™ as a carded fabric option in their standard selections that go into their binders and on their websites. They purchase directly from us, sometimes stocking the material at their facility and they help support and grow market awareness of EnviroLeather™, presenting it as a preferred option at a specific grade on their furniture. In return they are given discounts and support from our team to help them grow their businesses. These companies include:

Boss Design
Cabot Wrenn

Groupe Lacasse
Kimball Health
La-Z-Boy Contract
Spec Furniture
Stance Healthcare 

Graded in Partners list EnviroLeather™ at a specific grade on their furniture in their price books and on their websites but they don’t carry EnviroLeather™ as a carded fabric option in their standard selections. They will buy the fabric directly from us for customers. These manufacturers include:

Art Design International
David Edward
EKO Contract

Legacy Furniture
RT London
SitOnIt Seating
Source International
VIA Seating
Wieland Furniture

Other manufacturers don’t have a predetermined grade for EnviroLeather™ but will buy the fabric directly from us for customers. The price the dealer pays is COM furniture price plus the cost of the fabric. These manufacturers include:

Martin Brattrud